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"Island Love Affair"

"Island Love Affair"


“Island Love Affair” – “Drawn on ivory drawing paper torn from my favorite Italian leather bound sketch book It is one of my first one-line drawings and has a place in my own evolution as an artist. The free-form line swirls from the bottom right corner and extends upward in a curvilinear manner creates the movement in the work.  To the left of the figure is an abstract representation of the sun showering on the bay. Below, the flowing ocean and seas complete the piece.  Drawing with the intent of using one-line to begin with has always intrigued my artistic senses.  I never know where the story of the piece will begin or end.  I still, after 50 years of painting in the Bar Harbor area have an “Island Love Affair!”  Russ

original 8.25" x  8"  unframed -  created with india ink, pen and colored pencul on ivory drawing paper.  If you are interested inhaving us framing this work for you, please reach out.

No charge for shipping within the continental USA.  Outside the area please contact us we would love to work with you.

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