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"D'Alessio Klimted" and "A Walk in the Park"


“The carpets in our gallery are influenced by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), by happenstance one day I photographed my wife Linda posed on a bench over the carpets.  That one photo has inspired my latest artistic journey.

“A Walk in the Park” collection is a fine line drawn between fantasy and reality…  a self-expression of colors, concepts, and textures using a collection of my photographs, paintings, drawings, and thoughts.

Where I have entwined technology with my traditional media of acrylic, collage, and ink drawings transcending these original images beyond their origin to be viewed in a new dimension.

Multiple layering these works are created on paper or canvas.  Frequently I add gold, silver or copper leaf, gold dust and the touch of Klimt.” 


Inspired not only by the original image of my wife Linda but by the woods, flora, and fauna of our own Acadia National Park.  Living here year around allows me to experience the beauty and nature of all the seasons.  The trails and the woods for me are where I experience fantasy and try to escape the reality. 

Enjoy!  Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us."  Russell D’Alessio

A Walk in the Park
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