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"This collection is a fine line drawn between fantasy and reality… a self-expression of colors, concepts, and textures using a collection of my photographs, paintings, drawings, and thoughts through the digital media, transcending these original images beyond their origin to be viewed in a new dimension.

Multiple layering these works digitally combine the various mediums and then are created on paper or canvas.  Frequently I add gold, silver or copper leaf, gold dust, and acrylic.

Inspired by my own search for meaning in a visual context through the daily creation of imagery I have produced tens of thousands of paintings, drawings, and photographs all unique to my own experience.  Through the digital medium I get to remix, recompose, and add to create the new in my ongoing search.


Enjoy!  Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us."  Russell D’Alessio

Russ working.jpg

"Between Fantasy and Reality"
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