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A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to view an original black and white antique etched broadside from England full of descriptive narrative about Pablo Fanque's Fair or the circus coming to town.  These vivid, colorful descriptions including its sideshows were the beginning of my delving into my own circus world. 

Russ D'Alessio 

"The Three Rings" Insired by an 1840's circus poster,this tryp tick is a menagerie of intertwined circus stores
The Three Rings panel 1
The Three Rings - panel 2
The Three Rings - panel 3

"This larger than life painting celebrates the human condition within the metaphor of the circus. My most significant work to date in both size and scope dramatizes my artistic quest to enchant and delight, to bridge the imagery that stimulates the imagination and present a creative reality.


This painting, spanning three six by five-foot panels measuring 15' overall contains many sub-stories and visual intricacies to enchant the viewer.

" Rusell D'Alessio


T H E    T H R E E    R I N G S

acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 72" x 180" x 2.5."



New!  "The Three Rings" now available in a

signed and remarked fine art giclee archival reproduction  on canvas or paper.

Click here for details on sizing and pricing 

"The Side Show"
Artist creating Circo d'Alessio
Tight Rope Walker
The Juggler and Dancing Bear
Trapeze Act II
"Lion Tamer"
"The Power of Attraction"
Big Show Poster
il grande spettacolo
The Really Big Show
"ragazze forte"
"On a String"
"Three Cool Cats ~ The Show Must Go On"
"Clowns with Show Birds"
"The Ringmaster"
"Apple a Day"

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