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Moving Toward the Infinite



"The eye, a strange balloon, moves toward the infinite" a 19th-century lithograph by Odilon Redone was the first artwork to capture my imagination when I was a teen. To me, this print speaks volumes about art life and human potential. Its foreground anchors us at the water's edge while a large hairy eyeball floats above the horizon like a mythical balloon, carrying our hopes toward the heavens. Its frightful appearance is somehow neutralized by its lofty intent.


The best works of art come out of this push and pull swing of emotion. Love and hate, fear and desire. The tragic to the sublime are the tensions that somewhere in between we find the intrigue we call art. Art comes from somewhere outside our conscious intentions. Too much deliberation can be toxic, leaving it void of spirit and lacking emotion, I mostly begin painting from the abstract and find my way toward the figurative. The challenge is not so much where to begin, but where to finish.


I like to work on several pieces at a time leaving the studio full of canvas at various stages of development. I suppose I do not consider a painting finished until the client comes and takes it away. In the course of every day, I try and move on my own path of discovery. I try not to limit myself to one medium or genre. I do prefer my work to be spontaneous expressionist and allegorical beyond that who knows where tomorrow will lead.


If I could paint with the fire of Picasso and the soul of Chagall, I would certainly find my nirvana. For now, I am content to paint all I can with my feet on the ground and my eye fixed on the strange balloon moving toward the infinite."





“Primarily known for his expressionist figurative work on canvas he is fascinated by people, especially women, their movements, and expressions.  His spontaneous abstract use of paint and composition entwined with a sense of humor express bold gestures with subtle expressions.

Russell D’Alessio, a native of New Jersey began learning to draw at the early age of six from his Dad, a Sunday painter. After a few years of studying at the Newark School of Fine Art and the Arts Student League of NYC he and his wife made the decision to move to Maine where they were inspired by the rural lifestyle. Bar Harbor is where they called home in the early seventies and where he has been painting ever since.

The Maine life has always been the filter through which he dreams.  As a painter, this landscape, has been an incredible inspiration and root cause of his works for over fifty years.

He has shared his passion for the arts through his gallery with fellow artists, visitors and his community making him and active part of the arts in Maine for five decades.




My paintings are a place where adults engage in a world of childish innocents.

It’s about a perfect day, a place of eternal youth.  Everything is brightly animated, emotionally charged yet peaceful; it is art to find your inner child.  

Russell D'Alessio



Artist Russell D'Alessio

12 Mt. Desert Street

Bar Harbor, ME  04609


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