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A Great Piece of Art Customized just for you!

Were you aware that Russ accepts commission work?  Imagine what your own personalized original D'Alessio will be?  His only request is that he paint in his style.

Here are a few samples of competed commissions, their stories.

*   *   *

Most recently Russ completed "The Unspoken Blue Lobster Incident."  These folks,  had been following Russ's works for years. They loved their annual visits to Bar Harbor and the family especially loved walking together on Bar Island.

Asked to paint a story abut the family, Mom, Dad, who is an avid bicyclist, two sons, a daughter and their cats.  Some loving their ice cream that hopefully the lobsters won't confiscate!  Of course it would not be a true D'Alessio painting without birds.  

Working from their verbal description and photos "The Unspoken Blue Lobster Incident" was created! 

The unspoken Lobster Incident

Moving on,  Jack and his wife Susan while visiting Bar Harbor from California stopped by the gallery.   They both enjoyed the painting "Who's A Good Boy" during their visit and wanted Russ to do a commission with their the girls to be sitting on the beach like the girls in that painting.  Emailing several photos of their girls Russ began to paint his magic.


The painting (L) is the piece they saw while visiting. (R) the commission Russ completed of their five girls titled "A Day at The Beach" acrylic on wrapped canvas.

Who's a Good Boy
Day at the Beach

Additional Commissions

*   *   *

After owning a few "D'Alessio's, Paul, the husband of this couple decided to commission Russ to do a portrait of his wife Cindy.  Sending pictures of her and suggesting all the things that Cindy enjoys, playing the piano, Bar Harbor, red roses, and wine. Russ created the below, note how she fits right in with his other works right hand photo.

It's All in the Song
Its all in the song grouped in a samping of artist painting

*     *     *

Next, these folks wanted a tall narrow piece that predominately included the two of them showing their love for each other but also included their three children, black lab dog, white cat and their home along the coast.  

Over the Bay

(Below) Having followed Russ's works for years a remodel of her kitchen had the right spot for an original D'Alessio commission that over time she had been contemplating. Beginning with a specific size 44" x 54" for the space intended she forwarded images of her rabbits she wished to be included (note Oreo lower left) four of her friends and herself at a cocktail party.


*     *     *

These folks had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the front drive. Wishing for their visitors to feel like the party began before going inside Russ was to paint a cocktail party with life size figures to be seen as you pulled up to the front to their home thus making their guests feel welcome from the get go.   A tryp tych (three panels) 5' x 12'.

Party Time

*     *     *

Birthday Girl

His wife loving Russ's work this husband commissioned "Birthday Girl" as a surprise gift.

In Her Garden

A surprise for portrait for his wife Steve wanted Russ to create a piece using his multi media techniques with her sitting in the midst of her garden.  She loves birds, especially the cardinals and of course to include their black lab Jake. Multi media with acrylic, and gold leaf on canvas.

*     *     *

These are just a few examples of commissions done over the years, we hope this gives you some ideas. Let your imagination go wild as Russ is now accepting commission proposals.

Just a few pictures or ideas, size and space request is all he needs to get started to give you a quote.

We will keep you apprised of your commissions progress by sending images along the way,

We are excited to hear what your commission will be about. Contact us today.

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