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"Evolution of Love a Natural Conversation:

"Evolution of Love a Natural Conversation:


Evolution of Love a Natural Conversation   - “In the beginning love was as novel as humanity itself. Through trial and error, we eventually arrived at asatisfactory human form and the contemporary stylethat we now call a relationship. In this piece, a pen drawing and colored pencil on antique paper I tried to show the possible life experiment that shows some-what lack of success, but with hope for the future. This piece, though delicate in style conveys a com-pound expressive message. I am in hopes it will become a great conversation piece for centuries to come.”   Artist Russell D'Alessio

original on antique laid paper 8" x 8" unframed - 12" x 12" framed in gold with white matte. (price includes frame)

No charge for shipping continental USA.  Outside the area contact us, we would love to work with you

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