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Artist Russell D'Alessio - 50 Year Retrospective

Landscape to dreamscape, a whole island made of cake.  Mt. Desert Island, Eden a place to create & dream.

Join us to celebrate 50 years of ART from life, memory, & imagination by Artist Russell D'Alessio

"Russ and I would like to thank our family, friends, and our patrons that have supported us over these 50 years. Without all of you we would not be sharing this special journey of ours personally and of the art.

Over the past weeks I have heard Russ comment more than once as he goes through our collection of the thousands of pieces of art he has created how he has continued to carry through themes and thoughts; this is the part of the journey that has surprised him the most.  Although his style has changed over time, his sensibilities as an artist have remained the same.  Early works, later pieces, no matter the subject or media the style is recognizable as a “D’Alessio.” 

This is a journey through 50 years of Russ's art from our collection that we wish to share with you. Should you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Again, enjoy the show and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. "   Linda D'Alessio 

50 Year Retrospective 1969 - 1999

click on works to enlarge & view descriptions

50 Year Retrospective  -  2000 - 2019

click on works to enlarge & view descriptions

50 Year Retrospective artist Russell D'Alessio
Artst Russell D'Alessio self portrait

Thoughts by the Artist Russell D’Alessio on the Retrospective


Putting together a retrospective of 50 years of art has become no easy task.  I have always avoided looking back; it gets in the way of looking ahead!    Just for that that reason, I will try to be brief so we can all move forward.


Yes, that’s me on the cover. It is a self- portrait, one of many painted and drawn in the late 60’s and early 70’s while studying art.   Maybe, I was 20 or so; I am not sure. But I do know I purchased the blue jacket I am wearing at Willy’s clothing store in Ellsworth, Maine in September 1969 during Linda and my first trek to Bar Harbor & Acadia.   It is why I chose this painting to represent myself, the young artist finding Maine for the first time, 50 years ago.  However, that’s not what I want to speak about right now.  I would like to talk about the draft (I’ll leave out the four-part harmony). I believe it had a direct effect on the Artist that stands before you today and the Art that ensued.   Why? Well, the fact is just a few days before the a-fore mentioned trip I was notified that my induction into the U.S. Military would have to be postponed until further notice (1-Y, they called it).  Uncle Sam said “ I am not sure what we can do with the likes of you but if we come up with something in the future we’ll let you know.”

Since one of my options had changed and I was at the crossroads of my life, instead of heading off to boot camp, I took the kinder more gentle path to discover myself, my art, and the great state of Maine, along with my new best friend, lover, & now life-long companion Linda. 

Fast forward 2019: Linda, three kids, a ton of grand kids, occasional dogs & cats, & ten thousand works of Art later (most will not be hanging in this show). I look forward to sharing this journey & my Art with you.   How I got here & where it’s going, 50 Years of Maine & 30 years of showcasing the work in the Bar Harbor gallery.


This is the part where we go back to looking ahead…you are invited to celebrate with Linda & I, party with some great people, or you can just come and see some of the 10,000 works of Art.  Linda and I hope you will join us going forward!!  

D’Alessio Gallery – 12 Mt. Desert St., Bar Harbor, ME  04609

Reception,- August 2, 2019 – 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. - Music, Champagne & hor dourves.

Show runs through August 5th in the gallery.

Online showing August 2nd through August 31st.  

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