"Message in a Bottle"

"Message in a Bottle"


The story about this piece as told by the artist: “Some say her heads too strong but maybe it’s just her neck’s is too long. A quote from my sketch book. This work was painted in my Bar Harbor studio 2010-11. It has such wonderful deep rich colors that I was so into at the time. Her neck is long, WOW! With her head slightly detached giving her an air of open-mindedness, a tendency to dream, a head that drifts like the clouds. Did she find the bottle and note, or did she drink all the wine and put the note in the empty? I don’t know.”Russ continues... “I can’t speak for myself or her on this matter. What I can say is I enjoy the fact she seems like a girl with something on her mind that set her head adrift. I hope she forever remains off kilter and free from earthy concerns.” Russell D'Alessio

Signed, hand painted and remarked giclee Fine Art reproduction by artist Russell D'Alessio on paper.  Also available on canvas with a 2.5" image wrapped edge.

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