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"My paintings are a place where adults engage in a world of childish innocents.

It’s about a perfect day, a place of eternal youth. 
Everything is brightly animated, emotionally charged yet peaceful; it is art to find your inner child"

Russell D'Alessio

blue horse eclipsed.jpg
you dont saysm_edited.jpg

"I begin painting from the abstract and find my way toward the figurative. The challenge is not so much where to begin, but where to finish. I like to work on several pieces at a time leaving the studio

full of canvas and paper at various stages of development.  I suppose I do not consider a painting finished until the client comes and takes it away.

In the course of every day, I try and move on my own path of discovery, not to limit myself to one medium or genre. I do prefer my work to be spontaneous expressionist and allegorical. Beyond that who knows where each journey will lead."

 Russ D'Alessio  

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