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artwork...a journey of discovery

Inspired by my own search for meaning in a visual context through daily creation my work is figurative, expressionist with tales to tell.  Brightly animated stories told through the art that reflect the human spirit and the surrounding world.  Artist Russell D'Alessio


Flight of Fancysmforwebsite.jpg
Be Mine 2sm.jpg
meditaion with levitationsm.jpg
It's My Party.jpg

Bold and courageous! Brilliantly colored paintings of lively events. Mr. D'Alessio is warm, friendly and interesting. It was a pleasure to discover you and your work, thank you!  Leslie Anne -collector

Artist Russell D’Alessio 

 "I begin painting from the abstract and find my way toward the figurative. The challenge is not so much where to begin, but where to finish. I like to work on several pieces at a time leaving the studio full of canvas and paper at various stages of development.

I suppose I do not consider a painting finished until the client comes and takes it away.

In the course of every day, I try and move on my own path of discovery, not to limit myself to one medium or genre. I do prefer my work to be spontaneous expressionist and allegorical. Beyond that who knows where each journey will lead."

 Russ D'Alessio  

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