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D' A L E S S I O

B A R   H A R B O R,   M A I N E

V I D E O S 


"Once again I have entwined iPad technology with art, transcending my original images beyond their origin to be viewed in the dimension of video animation.


 I begin a painting a canvas without knowing where the work will go but as I paint, a story evolves.  The ability to work on my iPad with animation programs now enable me to bring my painting's story to life.  This is a whole new exciting, creative dimension that really floats my imagination.


 "Fat Cat is Back in Town" is only the beginning of my journey with this media."  Enjoy and watch for additional videos soon."   Russell D'Alessio

D'Alessio's Videos, Bringing His Art to Life

 "Fat Cat is Back in Town"   a story about pretty girls, vintage motorbikes, "IPhone 8,"and cheese.

Artist at Work and Play

Circo d'Alessio

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