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"Trip the Lights Fantastic"

"Trip the Lights Fantastic"


SOLD  ~  Original multimedia montage with india ink, acrylic, gold leaf and gold dust on canvas.

 35" X 23" 


“A self-expression of colors, concepts, and textures using a collection of my photographs, paintings, drawings, thoughts, and impressions. I have entwined technology with my traditional media of acrylic, collage, and ink drawings. I then transcend these original images beyond their origin to be viewed in a new dimension.Frequently I find myself adding silver leaf, copperleaf, gold leaf or gold dust. On several works I have added bits of inspiration from the painter Gustave Klimt. Multiple, multiple layers later, these works are created on canvas, or fine papers."  Artist Russell D'Alessio




  • Packing and Shipping

    No charge for packing and shipping in continental USA.  For all other locations contact us for pricing and details.

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