"Miss Scarlett in the Game Room with the Paint Brush"

"Miss Scarlett in the Game Room with the Paint Brush"


“I begin with a drawing, most of the time a woman then overlaid on a background of textures that I have created which many times are combined with bits of photographs I have taken along the way in our travels.  I then add layers of paint or india ink, sometimes  adding silver leaf, gold leaf, copper leaf, or a spray of silver glitter and sometimes an additional layer of gold leaf. To several of the works I have added bits of inspiration from the painter Gustav Klimt but each painting itself is composed of many multiple layers created by myself.” Russ

Original multi-media with acrylic, gold leaf, and gold dust on heavyweight archival 300 gms pecia buff paper with deckles on two sides, 30" x 22" - 25-3/8" x 19" image size, unframed.  No charge for shipping continental USA.  Outside the area please contact us.



Artist Russell D'Alessio

12 Mt. Desert Street

Bar Harbor, ME  04609




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