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"Eclipse on Buttonhill"

"Eclipse on Buttonhill"


My wife and I experiencec a full eclipse of the sun on our wedding day in 1970. Somehow in the planning of the wedding it escaped us that this event was going to happen!  During the reception, the sky darkened, creating a such surprise of incredible and memorable moments. This experience is one we will never forget so we were eagar to witness yet another full eclipse of the sun.  


"It takes both head and physical space and time to process, time to experiment and experiences to draw from. These pieces, though new have been in progress for decades. Their arrival in time for this solar event"

The Dream

"At the end of a dream I see Linda and Me atop our tiny homestead.

As worlds collide before our eyes we are set adrift in all the cosmic splendor.

Let the ponies run free - fly the fish from the seas and in time we will a see a glimpse of forever."

Russell D'Alessio, Artist


Multimedia montage on canvas with acrylic and diamond dust 16" x 16" unframed - reach out to us if you are interested in framing.

No charge for shipping continental USA.  Outside the area contact us, we would love to work with you.

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